Thursday, May 28, 2015

{Scrapbooking} Wendy Vecchi – Mixed Media 102

Feels like it's been ages since I had that chance to sit and create and well getting back into the swing of things with Wendy Vecchi at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps seemed like the best BANG to get back in it. & Thank you so much to Michelle for making the day so much fun! Heck they even supplied lunch, YUM!

The day started with working on 10 different techniques which were in the end labeled on the back of the tags we were working on so in the future we knew what products and techniques we used. At the end of all the tag making goodness we used all the techniques we had just learned to create a very neat canvas to hang in our homes or give as a gift, I kept mine of course. I also opted to take mine home and add some personal touches with my son, he had just came back from a trip to the beach with his Mom Mom and we added some of the seashells they found.

I've always watched people like Wendy or Tim Holtz demo the products and in all their glory so effortlessly emboss and spritz and blend like magicians & today we got to do just that and it was a blast! Heat embossing, stamping, blending, alcohol ink, water based ink, we learned it all!

If you are ever in an area that Wendy is offering classes I am telling you now that you will not be disappointed. She was so sweet and was more than happy to answer questions and even let us in on a couple of things that she's working on for the future.

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