Sunday, October 6, 2013

Transformer Birthday Party {Party Time}

My son turned 4 this weekend and he requested a Transformer birthday party. With the revival of the series in recent years a lot of items weren't too hard to find online but the local stores lacked in the party planning department. So here's how things turned out:

{The invite! Made with Jinger Adams premade prefolded cards, gears washi tape, Transformer stickers, Alpha stickers and a Alpha Letters Stamps for the PARTY}

Transformer Birthday Party Cake Pan Silicone
{The cake was made using a silicone cake pan I found on Amazon and it was decorated by my very talented SIL. Party hats ended up being from the Dollar Tree}

Transformer Birthday Party Supplies Cupcake Toppers
 {Also found some Transformer Ring Cupcake toppers on Amazon for the cupcakes & my SIL decorated the frosting with Platinum Edible Dust found on Amazon too!}

Transformer Birthday Party Edible Glitter
 {I made the cupcake holders using plain old white gift boxes, cut out an X where each cupcake would fit and then tape the boxes together. Then I edged the outside of the boxes with Super Hero Duct tape I found at Michael's and printed the Happy Birthday Russell on the printed and tapes it on with clear tape.}

Transformer Birthday Party Goodie Bags Crayon
{Goodie bags consisted of Dollar Tree Truck cellophane bags, some Dollar Tree Plane Kazoos, Dum Dum Lolli Pops, a Transformer Birthday Party Goodie Bags Crayon (separated from a pack of 10) & a Transformer Coloring Activity Pad}

{Best part of the party for my son was having his friends with him at the beach, one of his favorite places to the water. Such a Keys kid}

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  1. Transformer Birthday Party!! It is looking just so fun. Gratitude for sharing these fun pictures here. At a local event space San Francisco I too attended a fun sweet 16th birthday party recently and that was also way too enjoyable.