Friday, August 17, 2012

{Gluten Free} Dinner time! Turkey Fajita Lettuce Wrap

I cook like I the cuff. But I did use the Pampered Chef Chicken Fajita Bites (recipe available in the Fall 2012 Season's Best Cookbook).

So I used 4 turkey fingers, cooked them up in the 10" Executive Skillet, Garlic Infused Oil, Chili Lime Rub and Salt and Pepper. They browned awesome!

Took the turkey out, chopped it up, drained the oil, put the turkey back in the skillet, added a scoop of sour cream, half an avocado, most of a tomato (left some for the topping) and a handful of cheese. Hey my Mom Mom measured like this and it still works today :)

Let it simmer up a bit and then added it to some lettuce leaves, with a little more cheese, some tomatoes and a bit more sour cream on top. I have to say this was pretty great to eat :) & had leftovers for two more meals.

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